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Finding IT investment of JapanGov


National Strategy Office of ICT, Government of Japan

About the Declaration

Declaration to be the World’s Most Advanced IT Nation is a summary of the government’s IT initiatives and programs that are required over a roughly 5-year period for Japan to become a world-leading IT nation in which every citizen can sense the benefits of IT.

The 2016 revision of the Declaration classifies "Deployment of national/local administrative information system reforms and outcomes across ministry/authority boundaries", "Enhance national data circulation environment" and "Solve issues using data" as priority items, and it clarifies initiatives aims at achieving a safe, secure, and comfortable life for citizens by creating a society in which all citizens are dynamically engaged.

This site offers a work schedule for each project that clearly states which government ministry or agency is supposed to implement what project within what timeframe, in short-, medium-, and long-term categories, for targets and initiatives listed in the Declaration.