What is IT Dashboard?

IT Dashboard is a website where anyone can find out about the Japanese Government's IT investments.
IT Dashboard displays various information related to Government's IT systems including numbers, amount of budgets and progress of cost reductions.

Each Ministry's Budget
Efforts for Cost Reductions
Strategic Investments

How much does the Government spend on IT systems?

Below visually shows each ministry's budget.

Total Budget (Unit: thousand yen)
100 billion yen or more
50 billion yen or more
1 billion yen or more
100 million yen or more

Click on any circle to find out
details of each ministry's budget!

* Budget in the fiscal year 2016

What kind of efforts does the Government take for IT systems?

The Government has been continuously taking an effort to reduce numbers and costs of IT systems since the fiscal year 2012.
The Government's target is to reduce numbers of IT systems to half by the fiscal year 2018, and 30% cut in IT operational costs by the fiscal year 2021.

Number of Information Systems


Operational costs of Information Systems



How much and what kind of IT systems does the Government invest on?

The Government not only reduce number of IT systems and IT operational costs, but also strategically invest
on IT systems which enhance convenience of society, such as "The Social Security and Tax Number System".

Total IT Investments
情報システム投資総額 情報システム投資総額
Hello Work system
ハローワークシステム ハローワークシステム
Optimization of Operations and Systems of the JPO
特許庁業務・システムの最適化等 特許庁業務・システムの最適化等
Contract to use the Record Management / Basic Pension Number Management System
記録管理・基礎年金番号管理システム 記録管理・基礎年金番号管理システム

Which companies are engaged in Government's IT systems?

It displays information on contractors of each Government's IT system.

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